Building Better Futures Volunteer Opportunity

Dear Junior Friends

Thank you so much for your interest in mentoring and tutoring students through the Building Better Futures program. It truly is a rewarding experience to work with these bright, motivated young students. Here are a few details about the program:

For Tutors:
Tutoring takes place Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at our Minnie Howard (9th grade) campus and our King Street (10th-12th grade) campus from 3:30 – 5:00pm. Tutoring begins this Monday, Oct. 3.
Tutors work with the same one or two students each day, e.g. Sue Carter comes every Monday to tutor Ahmad and Jose in Chemistry.
We have certified teachers on-site to provide on-the-job training and guidance to tutors. We can also arrange group training, but subject area, if desired.
If students don’t have specific assignments to work on, tutors can assist with organizational and study skills (we can provide some material) or even play Scrabble or chess.

For Mentors:
We offer mentoring to up to 30 students (usually our college bound students, but not always) which is a one-on-one relationship between adult mentor and student that lasts all year.
The mentor spends an average of 1-2 hours per week with the student, either in person or via phone and email.
Often the mentor assists the student with the college research and application process.
The BBF staff are currently matching students with tutors and mentors, so interested individuals should submit the application as soon as possible. Instructions for returning the form are included in the attachment. Some background checks are required for new participants. Returning tutors and mentors may only need to complete a Child Protective Services check; we will provide all necessary paperwork.

Male volunteers are also needed for both tutoring and mentoring positions. Spread the word to your husbands, boyfriends, friends and co-workers!
For more information, contact a board member! Mentoring is an important way to connect with some of the people we help through The Campagna Center!


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